Garden maintenance in the mountains

garden maintenance
garden maintenance

Proper garden maintenance will not only save you money in the short-term—it will add to the value of your property, and make your garden a nicer place to be.

Garden maintenance is important up here in the mountains. We’re surrounded by national park. So the local council is very strict on issues of weed management and noxious weeds. The council will regularly check gardens and tag them if they find blackberry or agapanthus. Some newer residents don’t realise they have a hit list of plants they don’t like up here. 

Homes that inspire the exclamations envious appreciation are usually properties that present well. And as an added bonus, a beautiful garden adds value to your property, so there’s a financial imperative to do it. 

So what’s the best way to keep your garden maintained and in good condition?

Regular garden maintenance

The key to garden maintenance is regularity. Ideally, maintaining your garden every three months will be practical and keep it under control. By that I don’t mean mowing (which you should be doing anyway) but making sure that plants are fed and pruned.

Think of it this way: if you leave your washing for six months, it’s going to get out of control. A garden is the same. Some of the things you should be doing include cleaning the garden out before the cooler months to deter any diseases. You should also prune damaged limbs in late winter, which prevents disease from spreading to any new growth.

There are a few other things you can do as well. Examine your plants, and make sure you know what a healthy plant looks like. Make sure you compost and mulch if you are composting and mulching. Make sure you use the right kind of fertiliser for the plant you’re treating. And of course, ensure you’re watering properly (not over- or under-watering). If you don’t feel confident following those steps yourself, talk to us about how we can help.

Be easy on yourself

Don’t feel too bad if your gardening habits fall short. Unless they’re a really keen gardener most people will put their garden as a last priority. Many people feel they need a full expensive overhaul of their garden to make it look special – however sometimes it just a bit of ongoing maintenance that will create the garden of their dreams. 

Regular garden maintenance will keep the task a little bit less daunting. Chip away little by little and the task becomes a bit more manageable. Ultimately it makes your garden a nicer place to live in (and you never know, you might actually enjoy getting dirty.) 

HANDY LINK: Blue Mountains City Council weeds management