Know your tradie.

Are you choosing the right landscaper?

We know that choosing the right contractor for your job can be a difficult decision. But remember not all tradies are created equally.

Too many times we have heard feedback from people that have been burnt in the past with shonky work by other landscapers.

What you think seems to be a well priced quote may end up blowing out with unexpected costs loaded on.

There are so many questions to ask…

Ask yourself – has my landscaper quoted for everything?

Has my landscaper clearly explained what is involved?

Does my landscaper communicate with me clearly?

Does my landscaper understand my lifestyle and specific needs for the design of my garden?

Are they fully insured and licensed? Have they offered me Home Building Warranty Insurance for my job. Do I need a D.A.?

Ask to view some of their work. Especially older/more established work- work that has had years to develop and grow.

Do they come recommended? Ask around.

Many landscapers cut corners, without the proper preparation and due diligence it can ultimately lead to flaws in construction and implementation – and can be expensive to rectify the problem.

Does your landscaper know plants? Knows which thrive, which struggle – how and what to plant for our mountain climate.

Does your landscaper have a collaborative approach or like to tell you what you’ll be getting. Make sure your landscaper will bring your dream garden to life, not just their own. It is your landscape, your home, your outdoor space.

A beautiful garden is a big investment. Make sure you choose the right professional.