New Lawn Care

Wanting to romp over your new lawn barefoot?  With some extra TLC your new lawn will grow and thrive.MLBD-web-70

Grass takes at least 14 days to take root.  You are trying to encourage roots to go deep into the underlying soil.

Start with short waters more often. When established keep soil moist with bi-weekly waters during dry periods or periods of low rain.

  • First 2 weeks -Water 4 x per day – 15 mins at a time
  • After 14 days -Water 2 x per day for another 2 weeks 20mins at a time
  • After that first month – water 1 x per day. Best after 3pm during the hotter months.
  • Make sure you keep the edges of the rolls moist

Ongoing care –

  • After 3 months give light ½ strength fertilise (1/2 recommended strength of your fertiliser) – we recommend a fertilise in September, December and late February to keep vigour going into winter
  • Buffalo lawns must be cut on higher setting running into Autumn and winter to protect against the first frosts
  • Remember Buffalo lawns will brown off over winter in the Mountains.
  • Keep soil moist!